Reproheart, Deborah Issokson, Psy. D


The childbearing time is a journey that involves your emotions and your psyche as well as your body. It will propel you into reflection on the past, anticipation of the future, new learning, physical challenge, and identity shifts. Old issues will surface and be revisited. New dilemmas and questions will come to the forefront. This is a time ripe for personal growth.

Whether you choose one consultation session or make a series of appointments, I am happy to assist you in navigating this chapter of your life. At the conclusion of our first meeting, we will discuss a plan that makes sense for your particular needs.

I look forward to meeting you.

Counseling for

  • » Explore ambivalence, fears and anxieties about pregnancy, birth or parenting
  • » Heal from prior pregnancy or birth losses
  • » Resolve previous abortion experiences
  • » Examine healthcare options

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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Clarify and validate your vision of birth. Overcome fears and anxieties; reduce stresses. Work with your birth partner on issues of labor support, coping strategies and communication. Use personalized relaxation recordings for increased body awareness and confidence. Evaluation, treatment & support for prenatal depression and anxiety.

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& Birth Loss

Childbearing loss, whether through miscarriage, termination, stillbirth or neonatal death, is a profound experience for a woman and her family.

Short-term counseling can:

  • » Facilitate the grieving process
  • » Promote healing though the creation of rituals
  • » Help you move forward after loss

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The struggle to conceive brings with it a multitude of challenges and losses
for a woman and her family.

Counseling can help you:

  • » Reduce stress
  • » Reclaim your body
  • » Explore options for infertility treatment
  • » Consider alternative paths to parenting

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Review your birth experience. Receive support and guidance in your adjustment to parenthood. Evaluation, treatment and support for postpartum blues, depression and anxiety.

Particularly beneficial for women with any of the following:

  • » History of prenatal/postpartum depression or anxiety
  • » Difficult pregnancy
  • » Traumatic birth experience
  • » History of infertility
  • » Conflict with a partner
  • » Lack of support

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General Psychotherapy
For Adults

  • » Self-esteem
  • » Depression
  • » Anxiety
  • » Sexuality
  • » Intimacy
  • » Life Transitions
  • » Grief
  • » Communication
  • » Stress Reduction & well-being

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